Thursday, October 20, 2011

NC Quick Pass Toll road to cost 15 to 24 cents a mile to drive

Toll road to cost 15 to 24 cents a mile to drive

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Road Funding
State transportation officials on Thursday told drivers how much they will have to pay to drive on North Carolina's first toll road when it opens later this year.
When it's complete, the Triangle Expressway will run 18.8 miles from Durham to Holly Springs, and the North Carolina Turnpike Authority has designed it so that all tolls will be handled electronically so drivers never have to stop at a booth to fish for change.
There will be two ways to pay for using the highway:
  • The N.C. Quick Pass, which involves sticking a transponder on a vehicle's windshield and having the system deduct money from a prepaid account, will cost 15 to 16 cents a mile.
  • For vehicles without a transponder, roadside cameras will snap pictures of their license plates as they pass, and the Turnpike Authority will send them a bill in the mail at a rate of 23 to 24 cents a mile. People who ignore the bill will have a hold placed on their annual vehicle registration.
"The fact of the matter is this is the only way we can pay for these tremendously expensive roads," said David Joyner, executive director of the Turnpike Authority.
The Turnpike Authority expects rates to increase about 5 percent a year through 2015. Money collected from the tolls will pay off about 70 percent of the construction costs on the road.
"We owe the bank $1 billion, and we've got to repay it," Joyner said.
Some drivers consider the tolls a waste of money.
"I pretty much know how to get around and can probably go places without using a toll road, and I'd probably prefer that," driver Andrew Leliever said.
When they hear that the road could save them up to 20 minutes on a trip through western Wake County, others said they would use the toll road.
"I'd definitely consider it, definitely consider it because being stuck in that traffic when it's really bad is brutal," driver Brinson Taylor said.
"Time is money, and money is time. I think that right there sums it up," driver Lamont Middleton said.
Toll collection will begin when the 3.4-mile stretch called the Triangle Parkway opens later this year between N.C. Highway 147 in Durham and N.C. Highway 540 in Morrisville. At that time, the existing portion of N.C. 540 between N.C. Highway 54 and N.C. 55 will also be converted to a toll road.
The 12.6-mile Western Wake Freeway should open in 2012 between N.C. Highway 55 in Cary and N.C. 55 in Holly Springs. 
Transponders will go on sale this fall, before the highway opens. Officials say the units also will work on the E-Z Pass system in the Northeast and on toll roads in Florida.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NC Quick Pass State Senate GOP blasts Boss Bev on ‘pay to play’

State Senate GOP blasts Boss Bev on ‘pay to play’

October 7, 2011

The state Senate GOP majority issued a blistering release today attacking our state’s buffoonish governor for antics that cost The Tar Heel State jobs:
Today Continental Tire announced the company’s plan to build a $500 million facility in South Carolina, creating at least 1,600 jobs.
Those jobs could have been created in North Carolina.
As reported by the AP, a Democrat state lawmaker and several major campaign donors to Governor Perdue would have received a financial windfall if Continental Tire had chosen the executive branch’s proposed site.
Senate Republicans expressed their concerns to Governor Perdue about the ethical murkiness of the deal. Perdue did not share those concerns.
Bev Perdue has no moral compass.
Senator Berger responded today:
“We worked in good faith with the Perdue administration for six months to develop a responsible proposal to attract these jobs. We went to great lengths to reach an agreement, but we also had several serious concerns – including the governor’s plan that would line the pockets of her political supporters. Since August, we’ve tried to convince her administration that this deal reeked of cronyism – a fact they chose to ignore.  Now, pay-to-play politics has cost our state more than 1,000 new jobs.”
“This is embarrassing for North Carolina.  It’s this kind of incompetence and unethical behavior that has disgraced Democrat politician after Democrat politician in North Carolina. And we will not allow the state to do business like this anymore.”
In a news conference this afternoon, Senator Berger went on to say, “Pay-to-play politics has got to stop. This time it cost us jobs.”
Get the facts on Perdue’s pay-to-play debacle. Linked here is a timeline of key events, documenting Senate Republicans’ repeated attempts to have the governor address the ethical problems with the deal.
Yep.  It’s campaign time.

NC Quick Pass NC Governor Perdue and State Democrats Involved in Land Deal to Benefit Donors

NC Governor Perdue and State Democrats Involved in Land Deal to Benefit Donors.

It seems that North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, just can’t keep her name out of the news, and once again, she is at the center of controversy. On Saturday, the Charlotte Observer broke the story that Governor Perdue is involved in a land deal, that involves a Democratic State Lawmaker and several, large State Democratic Party Donors.
According to records reviewed by the Associated Press, a large Tire Manufacturer, (said to be Continental Tire) is being lured by over $100 million in state incentives, paid for by North Carolina Tax payers, to locate a new manufacturing facility, in North Carolina. The land to be sold to the Tire Company, is owned by five men with an ownership stake in the Brunswick County industrial park proposed for the new plant.
These men, gave over $52,000 to the campaign of Governor Perdue. They have also given money to other state Democratic party campaigns.
Public records show that the land was purchased by the investors in 2007 for $4.3 million, or about $3,800 an acre.The state incentives would be used to purchase much of the land for over $6,000 per acre.
In a further twist,from the article:
The governor’s son, Garrett Perdue, is also a lawyer and site-selection consultant for an influential law firm that a county official said was advising the tire company. The firm, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, does not disclose which projects the younger Perdue works on, citing attorney-client privilege….
The proposed location, the Mid-Atlantic Logistics Center, is owned by a group of investors that includes state Sen. Michael P. Walters, a Democrat from Proctorville. Sen Walters has already sent a letter to the Senate clerk on Aug. 25 recusing himself from any deliberations on the deal “to avoid any potential conflict of interests or the appearance of impropriety.”
Charlotte Observer:
The Governor’s spokeperson has said that Governor Perdue is only interested in getting the proposed 1,300 jobs to North Carolina, and that she didn’t care where in the state the new plant goes, or who owns the land, “she just wants the jobs”. Uh huh.
Also a development company owned by David T. Stephenson III, a Lumberton tobacco farmer, is also listed as having a stake in the center. Stephenson is a major Democratic contributor appointed to the board of Golden LEAF, a foundation created by the state legislature to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars paid by cigarette manufacturers through a legal settlement.
The land to be sold, would be a large part of the 1,129 acre site. If all the land was sold at the $6,000 per acre the profit to the investors, just on the land, would be $2,843,800. Pretty handsome profit for a time when land values have stayed flat at best, and decreased at worst in the state of North Carolina. Also, that wouldn’t include the cost of developing the land and building the plant.
It seems that Governor Perdue and her state Democratic party allies believe they are above the law. Things like “conflict of interest” seem not to apply in the minds of this administration. It is time for some real accountability from Governor Perdue and the North Carolina state Democratic Party.
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue (D)

NC Quick Pass Crony Capitalism: Beverly Perdue Donors Set to Cash In On Lucrative Land Deal


Crony Capitalism: Beverly Perdue Donors Set to Cash In On Lucrative Land Deal

It pays to have friends in high places, especially when you're a bunch of greedy Democrat donors. A state lawmaker and a group of Democratic political donors with ties to Gov. Beverly Perdue are poised to sell land at a handsome profit for a tire plant... FULL ARTICLE AT JAMMIEWEARINGFOOL

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